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Nombre / Alias: Sophie Reade
Nacida en: UK (1989)
Talla: 30H
Categoría: Celebrity / Modelo

No hay palabras para describir lo increiblemente buena que está Sophie Reade. Ni siquiera me importa especialmente que sus enormes pechos no sean del todo naturales, ya que antes de la cirugía ya copaban una suculenta talla 30G. Poco después de cumplir los 18 años apareció por primera vez en Playboy y al tiempo se sometió a una intervención para aumentar su pecho hasta la talla 30H. En 2009 decidió a presentarse al "Gran Hermano" británico con sus flamantes nuevos senos y, adivinad qué, lo ganó. 
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Scoreland: Christy Marks & Kylee Nash - Flexible Funbags

Christy Marks & Kylee Nash - Flexible Funbags
This set happens to be an editor favorite for a good reason. Actually two good reasons. You see, around here we love Christy Marks and her flexibility. We love it when she twists into a pretty pretzle, showcasing her H-cup tits and her amazing pink pussy. So, you can imagine how excited we were when F-cupper, Kylee Nash told us that she was also flexible. We just had to get these two together, side by side. And what a sight to behold it was! Two slim and stacked babes, naked and giggling and spreading their legs wide. Our favorite pic? The girls side by side in identical handstands with their tits spilling into their faces. You have to love a big-boobed babe upside down with her legs in the air.
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Scoreland: Brandy Dean - Why Do Redheads Have Big Tits?

Brandy Dean - Why Do Redheads Have Big Tits?
We don't know but it's fun trying to find out why.
"I like big tits," says Brandy Dean. "And I have big areolae, too." They look well over three inches in diameter.  Very similar to her buddy Summer Sinn. "Summer Sinn has big areolae. They're shaped like mine."
Are guys shy about approaching Brandy, even if they don't recognize her? "Guys look. I can see that they're looking, but they don't come up and talk to me. Maybe they're intimidated. At least that's what I think.  It's a little weird. They'll dance with other women before they'll dance with me."

Do people guess that Brandy is a porn star? "Even people who know me can't believe it sometimes. Usually they just look at me very stunned. Most people don't know what to say, or they'll say, 'I never would have guessed that.' Men are thinking totally different than we are usually, but if we really think about it, we're all thinking the same thing, but we react different. Women usually aren't as bold as guys are."
How different is Brandy at sex if it's not porn sex? "There's subtle sex and then there's just sex. Sometimes you don't want to make love. You want to fuck. Men think the same way as women do, but men just usually want to get from A to Z. I'm more A than Z but not all the time. You gotta have variety. If not, sex gets boring." 
Should guys approach real-life sex like it's a porn scene? "You gotta do that stuff sometimes. Not all the time. You have to have the quickies, and you have to have long, drawn-out sex. You need to have a well-rounded sex life. But no cheesy music."
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Scoreland: Minka & Kayla Vs Blue Balls

Minka & Kayla Vs Blue Balls
In this hardcore superhero parody, the man in the mask carries the super-stacked, if limp, bodies of mega-boobed superstars Minka and Kayla into his Fortress of Jackitude and lays them out on the bed. Kayla wakes up first, then she wakes Minka up. He couldn't have kidnapped any more down-and-dirty porn pros than these two busy legends for his nefarious plans. The only thing missing is voice balloons on the screen above the girls' heads.
Kayla: "Minka, Minka, wake up!"
Minka: "What's up, Kayla...where are we?"
Kayla: "I don't know, but this place needs a decorator bad."
Enter Blue Balls: "Don't be alarmed, ladies. The effects of my sleep gas will wear off in a few seconds."
Minka: "Who are you, baby?"
Kayla: "Yeah, and why the mask?"
Blue Balls: "The world knows me as Blue Balls, the world's greatest wrestler. But I am also a super hero, a crime fighter and a man of science, and I need your help. I'm sorry for bringing you here in this way but I had to keep your arrival a secret."
Kayla: "We get a lot of fans that want our attention but you take the cake, buster!"
Blue Balls: "Minka. Kayla. I need your help in my fight against crime and I want the world's greatest big boob stars to join my team."
Kayla: "Oh brother, Minka! Now I've heard everything. Like Charlie's Angel's, right?"
Minka: "Kayla, let's see why this guy's name is Blue Balls. You got a big sausage, baby?"

The battle begins as both Minka and Kayla dive on Blue Balls' cock to suck and fuck him dry. And they have the skills to do it. No man can survive their cock onslaught when they team up.
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Scoreland: Trixie Blu - For Starters, A Big, Black Cock For Trixie Blu

Trixie Blu - For Starters, A Big, Black Cock For Trixie Blu
'I'm a big fan of the BBC...big, black cock!' says Trixie Blu, a 47-year-old wife, mom and grandmother-to-be from Cincinnati, Ohio who gets big, black cock in her very first hardcore scene anywhere. 'It's only been about a year since I had my first BBC. I'd never had an interest in big, black cocks at all. My husband has blue-eyes and is a very charming white man with a runners build, and I love that, but over the past year, I've acquired quite a desire for big, tall, well-endowed Afri-can-American men.' Hey, we like to keep our ladies satisfied, especially when they're as hot and sexy as Trixie. She's a green-eyed blonde with DD-cup... Click here for more!
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Scoreland: Stacie Starr - Wired For Sex

Stacie Starr - Wired For Sex
In real life, 41-year-old newcomer Stacie is divorced. But here, she's a wife whose husband has completely fucked up a home-improvement project. Stacie has hired an electrician to fix the bad wiring job her hubby did on the new chandelier, but things aren't going smoothly. Carlos tells her that it's going to be a six- or seven-hour job. What the fuck does he plan on doing, wire the entire town? 'I told my husband he doesn't know what he's doing,' Stacie says. But she knows what she's doing when she strokes his leg. 'You're a very attractive man. My husband neglects me.' What a dope, neglecting a hot, big-titted number like Stacie. Carlos makes the right move. He compliments... Click here for more!
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Scoreland: Karen Kougar - Karen Cums Back...with An Anal Creampie!

Karen Kougar - Karen Cums Back...with An Anal Creampie!
'I saw you watching me,' 50-year-old Karen Kougar says to the guy who's been watching her put on her stockings, garter and fuck-me shoes (she already had on her bra and panties). 'Do you like what you see? Do you like watching ladies get dressed? Well, I want to get you undressed.' Karen is good at that...getting guys undressed, that is. She's also good at swallowing their cocks, as she demonstrates. And getting her pussy and asshole fingered at the same time. She can even suck cock while getting her asshole fingered, although not quite as well as she can without a finger in her asshole because she loves having a finger in her ass so... Click here for more!
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Scoreland: Moreen Helm - Real Divorcee Of Orange County Gets Ass-fucked

Moreen Helm - Real Divorcee Of Orange County Gets Ass-fucked
'Oh, I just love your cock,' 55-year-old first-timer Moreen Helm says at the opening of this scene. 'I know you're going to fuck me hard. I just can't get enough. Your cock is all I like.' Isn't that nice? Isn't it wonderful that women can get away with that kind of talk? Imagine if you said to a woman,'Oh, I just love your pussy. Your pussy is all I like'? She'd slap you across the face? She'd say, 'You don't like me for me?' or some kind of shit like that. But Moreen says, 'Your cock is all I like' and within seconds, she has that cock in her mouth. Because we guys...we don't have egos when it comes to stuff like that. If a MILF like... Click here for more!
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Cornudo con tu hembra

Has venido con tu nueva amante, una chica muy mona de la oficina que llevas tiempo tratando de ligarte. Por fin ha caído en tus brazos. En los aseos,  donde la has acorralado, la has mirado a los ojos y la has besado. Ella no he dicho nada. Se ha dejado besar y tú le has subido la falda y le has metido la mano en la braguita hasta que se ha corrido.

Eso me has dicho cuando has llegado a casa cogida de su mano. Luego os habéis sentado, le has enseñado mis sesiones de cuernos con otros machos y hembras y os habéis reído.
- Tú eres, cariño -le has dicho- más hombre que él que sólo es una putita sumisa. O él es más femenina que tú, más puta y más zorra.

Luego me has cogido de la mano, me has llevado al cuarto de baño y has puesto mi pollita en la tapa del váter. Y me has pisado la pollita con tu tacón, mi ridículo pene, mientras la mirabas a ella. Sé lo que pretendes hacerle: darle a entender que ahí no hay más macho que tú. Que tú eres su hombre, su macho, porque yo sólo soy una puta sumisa cornuda.

Y luego te la has llevado a la habitación donde has ejercido de macho follándome con un strapon mientras la besabas a ella, te la comías a besos y te jactabas de ser el hombre de la casa, el macho de verdad. Tú, mi mujer, mi querida esposa, digo, esposo.


Nombre / Alias: Peta Todd
Nacida en: UK (1986)
Talla: 32G (Naturales)
Categoría: Modelo

Peta Louise Todd, más conocida como Peta Todd, nació el 8 de diciembre de 1986 en Newham, Londres. Es una modelo británica cuya primera aparición fue en el periódico The Sun y su popular suplemento para hombres "Page 3" cuando apenas tenía 18 años.
Empezó su carrera como modelo en el año 2006 y a partir de ahí apareció en revistas de tirada mundial como FHM, Nuts, GQ, Maxim o páginas web como

Además de trabajar regularmente en TV y radio, Peta Todd es una de las Busty Models más populares de la actualidad, un hecho muy significativo teniendo en cuenta la increible colección de tetas enormes que abarrota el Reino Unido (Rachel Aldana, Leanne Crow, Stephanie Fox, Sara Willis, Michelle Bond, etc, etc...).
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